You Just Have to Laugh Suite — Thumbdrive


1. Live YJHTL live presentation – Audio
2. You Just Have To Laugh Manual Book – Audio
3. You Just Have To Laugh Manual Book – PDF
4. You Just Have To Love – the meaning of life. Book – PDF (audio not available yet)
5. You Just Have To Laugh Web Series Audio – 9 hours of listening

Keeping Playful during tough times
Laughing at yourself – Bully-Proof series
Standing up for yourself – Bully-Proof series
Creating Self-esteem – Bully-Proof series
Laughing Through Serious Injury
Humor and Helping others Heals
Loss & Grief
Depression & Suicide
Teenage addictions
Cops & Paramedics
Firefighters and Rescue
The Gift of Humor

6. You Just Have To Laugh – Podcasts – 11 hours of listening

PTSD Military
Dr. Bowen White with Dr. Patch Adams
Seniors Have To Laugh
Working through grief with Humor
Raiding Kids Right
Healing PTSD
Eli and Susan – Caregiving
From Gangs to Prison to a GREAT LIFE
Max is 99 years-old and WW2 Marine Veteran
Scarman – laugh at yourself is healing.
Dr. Chris Celio – stuttering to a purpose-filled life
Gifts of Being Bullied
Born with No Legs – living with a playful purpose
WW2 Veteran being an appreciative American
Psychic Tracy – Is it real or not?
Jack Madlebaum – Holocaust Survivor
Dr. Patch Adams interview
Dr. Bernie Siegel interview
Sinbad interview
Find a Better Way Through Tragedy
Jessica laughing through breast cancer
Joe finding the humor in Cancer
Laughing through Tourettes Syndrome – with Jeff and Jim



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