(YJHTL) You Just Have to Laugh’s Web Series is intended to make you laugh and help. All of the people you are about to watch have been through life’s most serious and challenging times. Please don’t let the subject matter fool you. These people are funny and will make you laugh. They’ll also show you how humor helped alleviate their stress and trauma. How many times in your life have you been given a free gift that tickles your funny bone and inspires your soul? Here’s a bunch…


Keeping Playful in Tough Times

The first episode of the You Just have To Laugh Web Series features Dr.Patch Adams. The YJHTL series is humor and laughter can help during life’s toughest times. This first episode teaches how to be playful and have fun in the most tense situations.

Laughing at Yourself

When we laugh at ourselves we heal ourselves. It teaches us to accept ourselves with appreciation and NO shame. We become Bully-Proof to others attempted insults. This is a must view for EVERYONE to inspire, entertain and teach us the value of not only laughing, but appreciating the humorous side of our glorious selves.

The Gift of Humor

Humor is what helped and still helps these folks survive the horror and tragedy of 9/11 and the Holocaust. Their ability to find something amusing in a not-funny time was a gift. When any memories resurface, the volume and intensity is turned way down because they found something to laugh about. Please remember these are real people who really went through these tragedies. Today, they all live a joyful life.

She’s Just Sandy

Sandy DiGiovanni is honest, authentic and not only gay, she’s hysterical. She will have you laughing harder than you may ever have. Sandy talks about growing up Gay in the Midwest with brutal honesty, funny insights and her no-holes-barred charm, by simply being, Sandy.

First one in – Last to Leave

Four Kansas City Missouri Fire fighters will have you laughing and learning the value humor has in providing quality service. In addition you will meet Mark Williams, the last person pulled out alive at the Hyatt Regency Sky Walk collapse in Kansas City. Both Mark, and the fire fighters show that it’s the humor and laughing that gets you through the TOUGHEST of Times.

You Just Have to Laugh in the Military

Former Navy Seal and Therapist Walt Disney explains PTSD. He also helps numerous soldiers get through their haunting memories. In addition, there are many men and women who share their funny stories of why people in The Military have to laugh – and the enormous value humor plays in their healthy life.

Loss & Grief

These wonderful people aren’t laughing because someone they loved died. They are laughing because they understand how humor helps us get through grief and onto a joyful life. They will show us how and why. And please remember, it’s okay to laugh with them.

Depression & Suicide

This episode features real people who have used humor and laughter to get through their depression, even suicidal attempts. We at You Just Have To Laugh sincerely hope these fine folks who shared their humorous experiences shine a light on anyone who is going through the darkness of depression.

Laughing Through Cancer

This very important episode is led by Dr. Bernie Siegel. Bernie is known around the world for his work on how the mind can play a major role in fighting illness. Siegel believes the power to heal comes from the human mind through will, determination, humor and love. He is joined by eight others who understand the healing value humor has on the emotions struggles of cancer. You will laugh and learn why it vital to laugh through cancer.

The Humor in Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Finding the humor in any addiction is a major step in working through the reason for the addiction. These 5 funny and insightful people will share why they went to drugs and alcohol to avoid their feelings and how humor and laughter keeps them sober today.

The Humor in Teenage Addictions

Two young adults explain the symptoms of teenage addiction. They crack open the reasons why they got hooked on drugs and alcohol and how humor and laughing got them out. This is a must watch for every parent and teenager. There is a way out of addiction if you deal with your emotions and  realize the humorous part of yourself. Laughing together heals forever.


Jessica Clem was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. She kept living life to the fullest. This Episode features her humor, spirit and love she had for life. Show this to everyone you can, it will change their life to really LIVE no matter what.

Humor, Helping and Healing

Humor helps us get through tough times. Helping others get them through their tough times. When we combine humor with helping others something magical happens, we heal our emotional conflicts. Art Fillmore, Dr. Gary Morsch and Dr. Patch Adams illustrate exactly how this works.


Firefighter and Captain Chris Joiner was burned over 35% of his body. Ginny Tadlock was in a head-on collision. The way they got through both the physical and emotional pain was with humor. Ginny was the one who stated, “You deal with it.”  And they did just that with a lot laughing at directly what happened.

The Gifts of Being Bullied

Tan Nguyen came to the United States at the age of 4. He fled his home country of Vietnam at the fall of Saigon. He, his mom and two sisters lived in section 8 housing in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. During that time Tan was bullied, beat-up and made fun of. He went to graduate college and become a very successful business man. What helps to todays was the gifts he learned how to stand-up for himself – with the bullies. This is a must watch for every child and parent.

Humor Helps PTS and PTSD

Dr. Jean Moretto is a counselor. She works with families and first responders dealing with Post Traumatic Stress. Dr. Jean simply explains what PTS and PTSD are and how they are possible to work through. Her organization Walter’s Walk has helped many first responders and their families in the St. Louis area. We met when I did a presentation in Ferguson, Missouri for the community including first responders. There is footage of the show included. It was very successful and three police officers came to work with Dr. Jean after that.

Why Paramedic and Police Officers Have to Laugh

This episode is to honor law enforcement and paramedics. They see people the citizens of their communities on the worst day of their lives. And hat is one of the numerous calls they will go on every day. They explain by using very funny stories, how humor and laughter helps them navigate through the trauma and stress. If you are a paramedic or police officer we thank you for your service and for some very funny stories too.

Finding a Better Way through PTS(D)

Barbara and Ramon went through a lot of trauma in their childhood. The kind that produce haunting memories that might effect their adult life. But they found ways to get through it. We hope that if you are suffering any post traumatic stress from your childhood these two wonderful human beings can show you a better way to get through your stresses.

Stand up for Yourself, and Building Self-Esteem

You have seen Mary, Meara, Mark and Ward in other episodes. In this one they teach us why standing-up for yourself and helping others builds self-esteem. In addition, doing what you love is vital in becoming Bully-Proof. Their humor and laughing at themselves are more proof of why You Just Have To Laugh.

Dance for Grandma

Max Brown is hilarious. He is a retired schoolteacher of over 40 years of service. Max’s gift to the world is heart. You will laugh at his funny stories of growing gay in the mid-west and your soul will be forever touched to hear Max’s father’s response finding out Max is gay. Be prepared to laugh and experience of humanity and joy of Max Brown.


Caregivers carry the emotion weight of the person(s) they are caring for. It is physically challenging and emotionally draining. BUT, who looks after the caregiver?  You are about to witness the enormous benefit humor and laughing provides the caregiver. From the heartbreaking effects of Alzheimer’s to the debilitating disease of multiple sclerosis these inspiring people show you how and why YOU JUST HAVE TO LAUGH.

Comedy Tonight with Cancer

Joe Caronia is a husband and dad. He is a very funny comedian and quite a good actor. The toughest role he was ever given was when his doctor told him he had cancer. Joe will share with you how his humor and laughing at cancer got him and his family through it. It was an Oscar performance. The only difference was, this wasn’t pretend, this was REAL.


Divorce is one of the most stressful emotional traumas one can ever go through. That includes children as well as adults. Humor can help relieve some of the intensity as well as laughter. BUT, who would have ever thought participating in Roller Derby could help the emotional strains of divorce? Watch and see …

Ask the Experts

Audrey is 100 years old. Rosalie is 97 years old. Jean is 87 years old. These very funny ladies have found humor their entire life. They are experts on how to live a joyful and find something to laugh about everyday. That’s probably why they’ve lived so long.

HOW are you About WHAT you are

Andre Kelly’s mom taught him: “It’s not what you are, it’s HOW you are about WHAT you are.” Andre’s dad taught him to be strong and believe in himself. Add the ability to laugh at yourself and find the humor in WHAT you are and you have Andre Kelley.

Dad With Daughters HAVE to LAUGH

Just because something is serious doesn’t mean we can’t laugh at it and just because we’re laughing doesn’t mean it’s not serious. These two dad’s understand that and use humor to help them deal with the physical and emotional challenges of being a parent.

Selected Short Subjects

Nine people share their two minute stories how humor and laughter helped them get through loss of hearing, Alzheimer’s, Grief, Injury, Illness, Strokes, and Cancer. These people are funny, insightful and prove why You Just Have To Laugh through life’s toughest times.