Laughter raises serotonin levels and helps to relieve stress in ways that other outlets cannot. In a way, laughter keeps us sane. David Naster is a comedian, author, and speaker who brings laughter to people all over the world, and offers powerful videos online to show how laughter has helped people through the most difficult times in their lives.

Aside from his performances doing stand-up comedy, David also does presentations about how humor and laughter have helped people get through some of life’s most difficult challenges, including PTSD, cancer, grief and loss, bullying, and more. He has also authored several books and created a series of web videos for his “You Just Have to Laugh” content series. This series highlights true-life stories that are emotional, inspirational, and involve humor as well.
The YJHTL Cancer and Caregiver’s series has been implemented at the MD Anderson Cancer Institute. YJHTL is endorsed by Herb Kelleher founder of Southwest Airlines, Dr. Patch Adams and Dr. Bernie Siegel.

He has been a world traveling entertainer for over 30 years, and has brought joy and laughter to people in over 40 countries. David was named the best college comedian of the year, and was named as one of MTV’s Best Comics of the Millennium. David has been a headline act for Norwegian Cruise Line for over 20 years. David was the only comedian to have opened for Celine Dion on her World Love tour.

Are you looking to add fun and inspiration to an event you are planning for your company, family, friends, community, school, or church? Live entertainment is alive and well – available and affordable – from David Naster. To get price information, contact David through his website

There are some performers who tend to have a stark difference between their onstage “friendly” persona, and offstage demeanor when talking to people. David Naster is not one of those performers. He is approachable, easy to talk to, friendly, and a good listener. Do you have questions for David, or would you like to discuss details of the programs he has available? Feel free to contact directly any time through his website,, or message through his Facebook page, called “David Naster’s You JUST HAVE to LAUGH.”

“You Just Have to Laugh” cancer and caregiver’s series has been implemented at the MD Anderson Cancer Institute. It has successfully worked with first responders and the US military to aid in the recovery from posttraumatic stress syndrome. And it has been nationally recognized for an anti-bullying episode and workbook, named “Bully-Proof.”

We are dedicated to the mission of bringing laughter and inspiration to people everywhere, including those who are facing some of life’s most difficult hardships. Our books, videos, live performances, and structured presentations have helped tens of thousands of people deal with difficult challenges, including: cancer, bullying, loss and grief, and much more.

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