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Real People Real Problems Real Funny

HUMOR MAKES TOUGH TIMES BETTER. That’s a fact. This first of many series has 17 episodes. We are launching these three episode first as we feel these are critical to our present emotional state.

YJHTL serves Humanity one laugh at a time. To help – To heal – To Amuse
You will be inspired. You will gain valuable insight. And you will laugh. And laugh you will as these court jesters show by example how and why we must laugh through life’s TOUGHEST TIMES.

Web series

Emotional Crossroads – https://youtu.be/L84dSmZV2eY

Cancer & Caregivershttps://youtu.be/XTzBUjdG7qI

Survival Skill – https://youtu.be/neZw-GYAFfE

Bullyproof – https://youtu.be/Tudbsaet36Y

Loss & Grief – https://youtu.be/vEpZb8p_Obs

Humor & Healthcarehttps://youtu.be/ukBx8zKQlQw


YOU JUST HAVE TO LAUGH MANUAL – http://naster.com/you-just-have-to-laugh-manual


IT’s YOUR BUS – The Bully-Proof Workbook

This workbook is designed to go with the Bully-Proof DVD. The workbook deals with all of the insightful people on the DVD who give us the solutions to become Bully-Proof. The workbook also includes chapters on manners, “It’s your Bus” analogy and a much needed citizenship code for the classroom, home, business and planet.”



Emotional Crossroads workbook

The workbook reinforces how humor and laughter helped the people featured in the DVD get through their depression, suicidal attempts, addiction and divorce. These amazing and funny people gives us the template how to deal with unresolved emotional issues.

emotional-crossroads-back-cover ec-workbook-front-cover