You Just Have to LOVE — The Meaning of Life (PDF)




My original intention for writing this book was to create an exact definition for the “meaning
of life.” In doing so, I discovered Albert Einstein’s deep questions of the exact definition of love,
that the dictionary, philosophers and scientists have fallen short of. Einstein’s quote of,
“example is not another way to teach, it is the ONLY way to teach” guided my elucidation quest
to blend the definitions of love and meaning of life to the harmonious symphony they create
for our collective souls.

I have done this by offering you a most unique format to this book. Weaved through true
stories of people I interviewed on their discoveries of meaning and love, is the fictional story of
a how a 13-year-old boy learns the meaning of life and love from his grandparents. All of the
stories have been meticulously placed to light the path to a clear definition of “You Just Have To
Love – the meaning of life.”



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