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Humor & Healthcare

1. Keeping Playful through Times – Keeping a playful attitude while dealing with a tough time helps get from a bad time to a better time. And when you laugh and find the humor during such times – you heal quicker – both emotionally and physically. Featuring Dr. Patch Adams, Dr. Bowen White and Dr. Bernie Siegel.

2. Humor + Helping = Healing – When we help people with the gifts of humor something magical happens. Both the one being helped and the ones helping are both healed of pent up emotions. Featuring Dr. Patch Adams, Dr. Gary Morsch and Vietnam Vet, Art Fillmore.

3. Laughing through Injury – How and why could a firefighter laugh after he was burned of 30% of his body? Why and how is it possible to find humor when suffering through a head-on collision? Chris, Suzie, Ginny, Ray and Anthony will show you.