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1. LAUGHING at YOURSELF  features real people who teach us the value at laughing at exactly who they are. They also show the importance of standing up to people when they attempt to bully you.

2. The GIFT of BEING BULLIED. Tan Nguyen was a Vietnam Refugee at age three. He moved to America and was beat-up, made fun of and ridiculed his entire youth and teenage years. Today he is a successful businessman who has used all of the lessons he learned from being bullied. Humor and laughter were his key survival tactics and produced gifts he uses to this day.

3. Deal with it! Everyone gets made fun of, insulted, and at some time, bullied. And it doesn’t stop – no matter your age, profession, race or gender. We must deal with it, stand-up for ourselves while we appreciate the true gifts each and everyone one of us have to help people.

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