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About David


When I got to the bottom of the honesty barrel and scraped off the last remaining scrap of truth I discovered – I am here to serve humanity.

I do this by creating laughter and sharing humor. I wake up everyday knowing I get to help people by laughing at it all. Sharing how people find humor in the toughest of times connects our fears and hopes. Finding joy in misery stops the avalanche of the paralyzing emotions of worry and depression. Keeping amused while the world is bemused – is not only fun it’s vital to a joyful life.

Naster in a Nutshell.

David Naster was born. He grew up in smart-alec family teaching him how to survive with humor. David went to college to study Psychology. He decided he would rather make fun of people than help them. Not knowing at the time how laughter helps people in ways he never would have imagined.

41 years later Naster is a headline for Norwegian Cruise Lines. He is the only American Comedian to open for Celine Dion’s World Love Tour. David is also an authority of the benefits of humor and laughter. Naster’s philosophy; You Just have To Laugh is endorsed by such people as Dr. Patch Adams, Dr Bernie Siegel and founder of Southwest Airlines, Herb Kelleher.

Naster’s book, The You Just Have To Laugh Manual was recognized internationally as the 2007 and 2008 Best Humor Book award from the Association of Applied Therapeutic Humor. This organization is made up of doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals from all over the world. This book teaches people how to laugh through illness, injury, danger and grief.

David Naster’s ability to make a difference in people’s lives is evident by his high speaking demand. David chooses to measure the success of his You Just Have To Laugh philosophy these three ways:

1. Dear Mr. Naster, “I loved your You Just Have To Laugh show. It was so great to laugh. My grandpa just died. Every time I thought about him I was sad. Your show made me think about something my grandpa did that made me laugh. Every time gramps would get upset, about anything, he would say ‘Dammit Evelyn,’ real quiet, under his breath. He always blamed things on grandma even though she had nothing to do with it. If gramps lost his glasses, stubbed his toe, when they ran out of milk – you could hear him all over the house, ‘Dammit Evelyn. Now every time I think of him I smile.
– Taylor (12-years-old)

2. Hey Dave, “Thanks for coming and making us laugh. We need to laugh We also needed to be reminded why we have to laugh.
– Jack Foley FBI

3. “I teach at Kansas University in the Communication Department. I used David’s books in a course I developed – “Narratives in Communication.” It showed the importance of stories in comforting people with humor. Naster’s books were put on reserve in the library. I assigned each student to read a different chapter. Each student shared a story from their chapter that moved them. Those were great sessions. Many books have been published about humor, none use stories as well as David does. The students loved his work, as do I.
– Professor Paul Friedman

Nobody does what Naster does Nobody! He is a keynote speaker and philosopher. Naster is a rare blend of quality entertainment and true inspiration. He is funny without cursing. He motivates without preaching. David Naster is committed to making a difference in people’s lives.