Welcome to YOU JUST HAVE TO LAUGH – also known as YJHTL. Our purpose is serve humanity one laugh at a time. We do this by using humor to make TOUGH TIMES better. And it works.In my journey as a comedian for over 37 years I have witnessed the healing effects humor and laughter have had on people going through life’s toughest times. My intention is to share with you what thousands of people have shared with me. Humor heals us emotionally. That’s what my three books prove. Real stories from real people that find humor and joy smack dab in the middle of their kaleidoscope of crap. Check them out at my laugh store. If you or someone you know is going through a tough time these books will help.

I created the Web series because I wanted you to SEE what I got to see when I interviewed someone – their joy, their pain and their ability to find humor in a not-so funny time. There are no writers, no directors and no actors pretending to be real people. These amazing people will Inspire, teach and entertain you as they share their unique humorous victories. I am thrilled at the opportunity to share it with you. Welcome to our joyful and playful fellowship!


32 thoughts on “Home

  1. Charles and I really enjoyed your thought-provoking presentation. I enjoyed the other talks, and you are good on the bongos! We cruised 8/30 to 9/6 on the NCL Jewel. Keep up the good work. I’ve stolen some of your remarks for my scrapbook. I’ll give you credit. Please continue to talk about bullying…maybe the NFL could learn something, too.

  2. Enjoyed your shows on our Alaskan cruise on labor day week, it’s nice the way u come out around the boat and meet people
    Virgil from Breese ill

  3. We really enjoyed your presentations on the Norwegian Sun returning to Tampa on 10/26. You made us laugh so much but what made it best was it was all true about real people. I also appreciated that your show was for families and applied to all ages. Thank you for making our cruise great.

  4. Hi David: I am Tom Stubbs RN, if you remember we met on the Panama cruse, and I am sure you do. We talked about Endorphins, the book that I spoke to you about is called “The Pleasure Connection, How Endorphins Affect Our Health and Happiness by Deva Beck and James Beck. It is no longer available but may be found at AbeBooks, it is a great book. We just returned from Ecuador so I am sorry for not getting this info to you sooner. We also spoke to you about the suicide death of our fourth son, if we can help with thoughts or feelings about dealing with this, please let us know. Thanks for all the laughs: Tom and Teddi Stubbs

  5. David-
    We saw your shows on the NCL Jewel 11/22-29, and spoke with you about my daughter recently surviving a severe case of Mono. We all loved your shows and are impressed by how you are helping so many people. Can you please add me to any email list you have, and let me know how I can purchase the Naster Blaster for my husband for Christmas?
    Wendy Hatlelid

  6. David hope all is well. I have a page from the Indianapolis Business Journal to send to you describing describing an event: Laughing Matters. Perfect for you.

    All The Best!!!!!

  7. My family just got off the NCL Jewel 11-29 to 12-6 and we loved you! Outside the theater after your bully proof talk my youngest boy, 8 years old made a small comment to you and you looked him straight in the eye and commented back to him and gave him your attention meant so much to him. Not only are you a extremely funny man you are helping so many with your insight compassion.

    You are the best thing on the ship, JP close behind!


  8. Your books are circling the globe as I spread the humor and laughter throughout the Cancer world via The Bloch Cancer Hotline.

  9. David – I have more of the books for you. two boxes. Your mom went me a letter – hopefully we can get together after Jan 3 when we return much to catch up with

  10. David,
    I just saw you on NCL Jewel 11/29-12/6/14. I appreciated your comedy, but more than that, I appreciate your compassion for people who are hurting. I just lost my mom 11/1/14. I bought your book Is there laugh after death, and the caregiver & grief & loss DVD’s. I’ve watched them over & over and read your book 3 times already. I get something different from them each time. Thank you for writing your book and making the DVD’s!
    Thank you for being you!
    I’m the one who told you the story about my mom going to the doctor, & the nurse asked her if she was allergic to any medicine, & mom said cocaine…LOL, she meant codeine ???? I hope you’re getting some laughs with that story.
    Hope to see you again some day.
    Barbara Eisenhower

  11. Dear David thank you so much for giving me an excuse to laugh. I love and enjoy doing just that but until I’ve seen your presentation I didn’t realised the healing power of laughter and that it’s not just ok but necessary to laugh during tough times. Your New fan.

  12. Thank you so much – I am the messenger – the message is extraordinary and I have the thrill and honor to deliver it!!
    Stay Amused!!

  13. David:
    I just got off the Jewel and this was my second cruise with you and you are the highlight. I talked with you on the phone after the last cruise over a shipping hiccup but we laughed and you mailed me my stuff right away. You are so funny and I appreciate what you have taught me because I used it when I went through major surgery in June of this past year. Bless You my friend.

  14. Well it’s been about one and a half months since I saw you on the Jewel over Thanksgiving. I’m currently listening to the radio right now and the song “happy” is on. I couldn’t help but hear the words “HIT IT MICHAEL!” in my head when it started! I guess the point of this message is that you humor is still making an impact on my life! So I just wanted to thank you again for all the wonderful laughs that you brought and in a way are still bringing me! Hopefully we can meet again one day!


    Robert Green

  15. Gave Naster Blasters for Christmas to our teenage niece and nephews who lost their Dad to a violent car crash a couple of years ago. The 12 yr old nephew had this to say to my husband “Who would have thought that such a small thing could bring this amount of MUCH needed joy and laughter to our home at Christmas – Man to Man… Uncle Eddie – YOU DONE GOOD !”
    All of them were soon Naster Blaster Masters for sure.

  16. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed seeing your shows on the JEWEL last week. Also loved hearing the talk you gave about becoming Bully Proof.

    From Deep in the Heart of Texas,

  17. We had the pleasure of seeing & meeting you May 2012 Panama Canal cruise. We are trying to find where to purchase your books & videos. So far no luck
    Thanks for making our cruise more than we expected
    Rick & Shirley Olsen
    Nelson BC Canada

  18. Hi Rick and Shirley, Hope all is well. Everything your funny bone desires is on my site. Please let me know if you have trouble accessing anything!!

    Stay amused!!


  19. Hi. You probably wont remember me. I was on the jewel 02-07-15_02-14-15. I didn’t catch your first show and after the liar show i tapped you on the arm and asked when your next show was. I sat in the front row and you asked us to participate in laughing. I had no clue what your show was about. My ex fiance died of a heroin overdose a week before last easter. It has been eating me alive. Normally i am a class clown and always have people laughing but not so much lately. She was always stubborn and didn’t like when i would tell her what to do. She would always say “what are you my dad?” The day before the funeral I wrote what i was going to say at her funeral over and over again till the early morning. At the funeral I was smoking outside and got a chance to speak with her dad. He told me about a time she was not cooperating with him getting in the car while she was going to rehab and she looked at him and said” what are you Eli now”. I laughed. I improvised that story in my speech and had her family laughing in such a sad situation along with many tears. I had forgotten its ok to laugh and enjoy life when it has been tough. Thank you for what you do! Elijah Van York

  20. Elijah, Thanks for your kind words. You remind how important it is to find the joy and humor in the tough times. Stay amused!!

    David Naster

  21. Mike and I laughed so hard at your thoughts.I loved your presentation on bullying, but I had to send you my story of my Daddy when he was dying. I have 12 brothers and sisters and I am the middle child. My dad and I were always close when I was growing up. Anything he was doing I was interested in it too. Well of course when he got older and started having health issues I decided that it was my turn to take good care of him. I always took him o the dr appts. and new anything that was going on with his health history. I was blessed to take care of him for 23 yrs. He had gone through many heart attacks and survived so when the drs would tell us dad would not make it through things he just never counted him out. well he had pneumonia for many weeks and I told my mom I was taking him t the ER I thought it was time for another opinion. So I picked him up and took him over and they came in with thenews I was dreading. Daddy had a huge tumor in his lung. He had dementia and alzhemers and didn’t understand a lot of things. So that being said we had talked one day about cncer and his shes if that ever happened way bfore he got bad. Im so thankful we did. So I told the family that his wishes were not to go through all the treatments. so they sent us home on hospice and said we had three months. I took a leave of absence from my job and took care of him.we had some funny conversations and things that happened. My mom is a hateful negative person and never has humor abou anything. so one day I was leaving to go home for the evening and daddy got me by the hand and said don’t leave me , your mom is being mean to me.I new at the moment it was “my daddy ” that was speaking to me. I left and got my clothes and went back and never left his side for the next three weeks. now to my story for you. My mom would always blame daddy if something was wrong or messed up. so it just got to be the joke daddy must have done this. one night we had a storm blow through and the power shut off. which shut off his oxygen for a few seconds until the backup came on. daddy sat straight up in his hospital bed and said I didn’t do a damn thing sis…I swear I didn’t touch anything.. After the power came back on he and I just giggled about what he said… he loved flashlights after he got sick and I told him it was the middle of the night so we all need to go back to sleep. I turned the lights off and tucked him in and he turned his batman flashlight on and was humming and doing circles on the ceiling , giggling and whispering ,ha ha it wasn’t my fault….
    I loved this man more then anything and miss him, but I have the most amazing stories to remember that no one else will ever have.
    Thank you for what you do. daily when I get up I laugh out loud for two minutes each morning and my two little dogs think I have lost my mind, but it gets me going in the right direction everyday.
    we were on the jewel cruise in Feb for valentines day.
    Mike and Virginia Deckard from Skiatook, oklahoma

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