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Welcome to YOU JUST HAVE TO LAUGH – also known as YJHTL. Our purpose is serve humanity one laugh at a time. We do this by using humor to make TOUGH TIMES better. And it works.In my journey as a comedian for over 37 years I have witnessed the healing effects humor and laughter have had on people going through life’s toughest times. My intention is to share with you what thousands of people have shared with me. Humor heals us emotionally. That’s what my three books prove. Real stories from real people that find humor and joy smack dab in the middle of their kaleidoscope of crap. Check them out at my laugh store. If you or someone you know is going through a tough time these books will help.

I created the Web series because I wanted you to SEE what I got to see when I interviewed someone – their joy, their pain and their ability to find humor in a not-so funny time. There are no writers, no directors and no actors pretending to be real people. These amazing people will Inspire, teach and entertain you as they share their unique humorous victories. I am thrilled at the opportunity to share it with you. Welcome to our joyful and playful fellowship!


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  1. Charles and I really enjoyed your thought-provoking presentation. I enjoyed the other talks, and you are good on the bongos! We cruised 8/30 to 9/6 on the NCL Jewel. Keep up the good work. I’ve stolen some of your remarks for my scrapbook. I’ll give you credit. Please continue to talk about bullying…maybe the NFL could learn something, too.

  2. Enjoyed your shows on our Alaskan cruise on labor day week, it’s nice the way u come out around the boat and meet people
    Virgil from Breese ill

  3. We really enjoyed your presentations on the Norwegian Sun returning to Tampa on 10/26. You made us laugh so much but what made it best was it was all true about real people. I also appreciated that your show was for families and applied to all ages. Thank you for making our cruise great.

  4. Hi David: I am Tom Stubbs RN, if you remember we met on the Panama cruse, and I am sure you do. We talked about Endorphins, the book that I spoke to you about is called “The Pleasure Connection, How Endorphins Affect Our Health and Happiness by Deva Beck and James Beck. It is no longer available but may be found at AbeBooks, it is a great book. We just returned from Ecuador so I am sorry for not getting this info to you sooner. We also spoke to you about the suicide death of our fourth son, if we can help with thoughts or feelings about dealing with this, please let us know. Thanks for all the laughs: Tom and Teddi Stubbs

  5. David-
    We saw your shows on the NCL Jewel 11/22-29, and spoke with you about my daughter recently surviving a severe case of Mono. We all loved your shows and are impressed by how you are helping so many people. Can you please add me to any email list you have, and let me know how I can purchase the Naster Blaster for my husband for Christmas?
    Wendy Hatlelid

  6. David hope all is well. I have a page from the Indianapolis Business Journal to send to you describing describing an event: Laughing Matters. Perfect for you.

    All The Best!!!!!

  7. My family just got off the NCL Jewel 11-29 to 12-6 and we loved you! Outside the theater after your bully proof talk my youngest boy, 8 years old made a small comment to you and you looked him straight in the eye and commented back to him and gave him your attention meant so much to him. Not only are you a extremely funny man you are helping so many with your insight compassion.

    You are the best thing on the ship, JP close behind!


  8. Your books are circling the globe as I spread the humor and laughter throughout the Cancer world via The Bloch Cancer Hotline.

  9. David – I have more of the books for you. two boxes. Your mom went me a letter – hopefully we can get together after Jan 3 when we return much to catch up with

  10. David,
    I just saw you on NCL Jewel 11/29-12/6/14. I appreciated your comedy, but more than that, I appreciate your compassion for people who are hurting. I just lost my mom 11/1/14. I bought your book Is there laugh after death, and the caregiver & grief & loss DVD’s. I’ve watched them over & over and read your book 3 times already. I get something different from them each time. Thank you for writing your book and making the DVD’s!
    Thank you for being you!
    I’m the one who told you the story about my mom going to the doctor, & the nurse asked her if she was allergic to any medicine, & mom said cocaine…LOL, she meant codeine ???? I hope you’re getting some laughs with that story.
    Hope to see you again some day.
    Barbara Eisenhower

  11. Dear David thank you so much for giving me an excuse to laugh. I love and enjoy doing just that but until I’ve seen your presentation I didn’t realised the healing power of laughter and that it’s not just ok but necessary to laugh during tough times. Your New fan.

  12. Thank you so much – I am the messenger – the message is extraordinary and I have the thrill and honor to deliver it!!
    Stay Amused!!

  13. David:
    I just got off the Jewel and this was my second cruise with you and you are the highlight. I talked with you on the phone after the last cruise over a shipping hiccup but we laughed and you mailed me my stuff right away. You are so funny and I appreciate what you have taught me because I used it when I went through major surgery in June of this past year. Bless You my friend.

  14. Wow…. You were the star of our cruise last week! You were absolutely hilarious and it is a rare joy to be able to take our kids to a comedian and not fear the results. In addition, your seminar on bullying, and how to use humor to deflect and overcome it, was superb. I am taking your DVD back to our school to recommend bringing you to speak to our students of all ages. The only thing better than a terrific comedian is one with a terrific message for kids – and adults. Thank you so much. God bless you!

  15. Thank so much for your inspiring words. The message of YJHTL is a powerful one while entertaining, helping and healing. pass it on , keep it going always remember to floss and keep laughing

  16. Mr. Naster,
    Hi! My family and I are from Minnesota, and last week we rode the NCL Jewel. Your shows were great! I bought a Naster Blaster and I finally got it to work. My mom and I also went to the bullying program. That was funny when you talked about the man in the airport who cut in line and was mad. He asked the lady,”Do you know who I am?” and she called on the loudspeaker,” excuse me we have a man who dosen’t know who he is” that was funny! Well, thanks for doing all those shows! They were great. – Jenna +family

  17. First, I would like to tell you that my nephew, Charlie Moretina, a friend of your parents, turned me on to you. Am I ever glad he did! However, there are two entries that I believe are totally inappropriate: the first is in “…Laughter / Death”, page 115. I am told that the last sense to leave us before death is our hearing. Would YOU want that to be the last thing YOU hear on this earth? Empathy towards the dying trumps the survivors’ feeling exhausted. The dying woman would have been better off left alone than be surrounded by people who wish she were dead. The second anecdote that I feel to be totally inappropriate is from “You Just… Laugh”, page 113. This one is everything we educators and those in the health field try to teach others NEVER to do: encourage someone to kill themselves. This is the anthesis of funny; it is bullying in its worst form. All the neighbors in a circle around the victim, chanting “Do it, Alice! Do it! Kill yourself!”… How can you possibly think this is funny in this day and age?! Please remove these two very offensive anecdotes, I beg of you. Thank you,
    — Cynthia Earl

  18. Mr. Naster:
    The above comments about the anecdotes I believe offensive were not intended as a public criticism; rather, they were directed to you personally, in the hope they might sway you toward another way of looking at them. I say this because overall, I loved your three books “You Just Have to Laugh”, “You … Laugh Through Tough Times”, and “Is There Laugh after Death?”.

  19. Dear Cynthia, I have read your comments. I appreciate your passion. I have learned humor is subjective. Each of those stories you objected to, made the ones in the story laugh and that is what’s important. In one’s own challenges, the dissolving of paralyzing emotions is critical to living. I kindly ask you to go back and re-read those stories and attempt to appreciate the story from their perspective. I do also appreciate your kind words about You Just Have to Laugh. YJHTL never intends to offend or shock – but to show how humor helps an individual get through their tough time. Stay amused!

  20. Hi Cynthia, I do think the stories are funny and appreciate the humor the person who told me the story. It was from their perspective. Humor is subjective. I understand you don’t think it’s funny. That’s okay. You don’t have to. The people who were there thought it was funny and that’s what matters. Appreciating the absurdity of humor is also subjective.I believe you maybe taking their comments too literal and not appreciating the absurdity. I went back and re-read the stories. Page 115 Bill was being tongue and cheek.Now since I got to hear the tone of the story when he told me – that helped. Can’t really hear the tone in the written word. Referring to the “Do it Alice” Do you understand that Alice wasn’t suicidal. She was creating drama. She always did and the neighbors were sick of it. I am guessing these stories hit a nerve with you because of the issues of death and suicide. THAT I understand. I kindly ask you to re-read the stories and understand the folks are being tongue and cheek about their comments. I again appreciate you kind words of YJHTL books. I would have never put the stories in if I though they weren’t funny, helpful and showed how people use humor to ease a tense situation. I don’t mind your comments – they lead to honest and clear discussions. Please stay amused!!

  21. David,
    My family and I just got off the NCL Jewel this morning and I just had to tell you how much we enjoyed you shows. I have worked in trauma/intensive care nursing for 22 years and I greatly appreciate your humor about our field. I’d i didn’t laugh sometimes I would spend all my days crying and probably would have already jumped off a ledge or something. Keep doing what you’re doing and inspiring others with your humor. Hope to see you again someday!!

  22. Enjoyed your shows on The Jewel last week. I’m the guy who shared the “Grandma Bird” story. I hope you get good use of it. Keep up the great work.

  23. Hi David,

    My husband and I saw you four times on the Jewel and loved you. You are doing a wonderful service for people and children. We spoke with your beautiful wife and learned you met on Match.com just like my husband and I did. We were celebrating our third anniversary on our cruise and you were one of the highlights of our trip. We spoke with you and your wife on the way back to the Jewel and told you we were from Pittsburgh,PA. You said you used to perform at the Funny Bone there but don’t anymore because comedians are so vulgar. I am sorry your Father passed away, but am glad you have such good memories of him. My Mom passed away in January. She was diabetic and never watched what she ate and gained about a hundred pounds. Her liver started to fail and while she was in hospice she said God told her not to eat anymore. I told my kids this and one of them said why didn’t God tell her that twenty years ago! It was quite a funny moment. We bought your book on grieving and I plan to share it with my Stepfather. Thank you for all the good that you do. As my favorite Grandmother used to say, you are a gem!

  24. do u remember me from the Norwegian Jewel Alaskan cruise? u gave me a free naster blaster(TM) because of my story and i dont mind if share it with my name and my age.(15)

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